Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank God It's Friday

Today we made Cheese baked fettucini. Ok actually it was my sister. I was sleeping, of course. I only woke up because I smelled something delicious. hehe. With half opened eyes, I rushed to the kitchen and found my sister was preparing bolognese sauce. So yummy!

 It's just like the usual bolognese sauce mixed with mushroom and minced chicken/meat. Not so red cause my sister didn't put in tomato puree.

Then add fettucini to the sauce, mixed them together. Of course you have to boil it first. You can use other pasta as well. My sister likes fettucini. But I prefer fetuccini with carbonara sauce. Tapi dah orang yang masakkan, layan jela.

Put them into baking pan. And top it with mozarella cheese. It should cover all the surface but we don't have enough cheese. Then bake for 15-20mins.

hi there

Done! Doesn't look so yummy huh? Sebab cheese xcukup laaa.. But still it was marvellous! and even Chocobee likes it.  Emak tiada di rumah maka anak2 tiada makanan melayu. ;(

But it's ok because tonight I'm gonna sleep on Maya Karin. Wohooo!

Hehehe. Ok lame. I'm gonna go find something to eat. Lapaq perot cheq. Selamat bersahut uolss!~ ;)


bellabelon said...

tilam brand maya karin? ade ke?

ezzah k. said...

tilam cap vono sbenanye. maya karin duta die je. pnuh name die satu tilam. haha

bellabelon said...

baru bli ke? besnye~ bape rm?

humairah said...

bila umie mu nak balik???

ezzah k. said...

belon: xigt la bpe rm. ummi i yg bli hehe..

omay: 22ogos2010 baru pulang. nak kirim ke? hehe