Friday, September 25, 2009

i am grateful for rm2 ;)

hola voila!
i feel like it was just yesterday i started fasting and now we're already in Syawal. 5th of Syawal to be exact. i'm still at home enjoying my raya holidays till tuesday next week. before getting all busy with projects and assigments and projects again. urghh i hate final year. lets forget about that for now i'll get stress out when just think about it. So, raya this year isnt that bad. better indeed. i get to meet cousins i missed the most, delicious food, reunited with family members and the best part, duit raya! yay! i still get duit raya you see. but this might be the last raya that i can get duit raya since i may starts working next year! (only if i get job offer before raya hehe.). so i will be the one who needs to give duit raya la next year. yes little cousins, please be nice to me. haha! the money i got is quite a lot i manage to buy a printer, format my laptop, pay for my journey back to utp and my pocket money until i get my scholarship (maybe some for dinner batch tix if im going to attend the dinner and for a pair of new heels or wedges hehe). still, i was pissed when i opened one of the sampul duit raya and found out there was only rm2 in it. i am like wth??? its not like im being disgraceful or what, but knowing the uncle( my pakcik sepupu) who gave it owns like few branches of batik boutiques, few guesthouses and maybe few others that i'm not aware of, rm2 is wayyyy too little. i can give you back rm5 . and yet he said this to me when he gave the money " ...amekla bleh buat beli eskrem cornetto," . does he know that cornetto cost rm2.80? honestly, i felt insulted to be given that much . it is better not to get anything at all rather than getting rm2. seriously, my sister doesnt own anything except that she is just a contract worker, but she gave more than that. it's acceptable if you earn just enough to make a living, but dear uncle, you earn more more than enough and everyone knows that. shame on you. or is it true that the richer you are, the stingier you get? ade ke word stingier btw? whatever. anyway, i am sooo love this year's raya!
selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1) fyp
2) fydp
3) HRM project
4) EIS project
5) MS project

5 out of 7 subjects for this sem. gile ke ape?

aku stress ok. sgt stress. aku tahu sume org pon stress same ngan aku jugak. tp sume buat2 rilek bodo je. mls nk lyn kn? aku pon samela. muke bolehla buat2 gelak tp jiwe kacau. tp you mesti xtahu kn? pegi mati sume org!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

selamat hari merdeka ke-52!

i was in my cuz house in damansara during the midnight of 31st august. just lying in front of the tv watching 8tv quickie, no celebration and all. its ramadhan okayy.. and yes the hosts(hunny madu and friends in quickie) did countdown for merdeka. n they have some guest artist, new artist i think. but the most interesting part was one segment which is called "
are you smarter than budak darjah tiga? ". in this segment they went around asking malaysians few questions. the questions were:

1) what is the name of malaysia's flag?
2) how many colours there are on the flag?
3) what is the theme for 2009 celebration?

just that three simple questions. and out of six or seven people were asked, only one people get to answer all the questions right. and the rest, they did not even manage to answer one question correctly. not even the 2nd question. and they are all adults(age range 20-35, i guess) . didnt they learned history in high school? basic sgt kott. bkn tnye tarikh perjanjian pangkor pon. and and i dont read newspaper very often as well but i still know the theme. btw, you can guess it laa. it's the main topic kot nowadays. eventho i dont really get whats the point of 1 malaysia, ?
let me provide the answers too so that to those who doesnt know, please take note. but i hope all my friends do know the answers ( i know you guys knew it already kn? tlg jgn bg malu kwn2 ok ;p)

1) jalur gemilang
2) 4 - red, white, blue, yellow
3) 1 malaysia!

so, if you answer all questions correctly, yes, you are smarter than budak darjah 3! glad i am. haha!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...dan lagu2 di radio seolah-olah memerli aku