Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sometimes I eat too much.

Actually, all the times. Haha. Especially when I say I’m on diet. The word “diet” for me means to eat triples my usual meal. I would actually take the diet meal plus the usual meal and also the snacks. For example, my diet menu for breakfast is chicken nuggets or 3in1 cereal drink. But my mom will buy nasi berlauknasi with gulai ikan or aym; nasi kerabu; for herself, but then tell me to eat them because she wants to eat something else. I, being an obedient daughter *ehem* will happily eat the nasik berlauk. Bear in mind here that the food will go into the dustbin if I don’t eat them because there is no one else other than my ummi and me. But after im done gobbling all the food down to my big stomach, I will regret doing so. I should just give the nasik to the kucings. I am so not going to lose weight if I keep on doing this. And that is just for breakfast. The same goes to lunch and tea and dinner and supper. *sighhh*.  I just can’t stop munching. Things are getting worse when im at home as I can get food anytime, there is always something in the cabinet. And my tummy is getting bigger and bigger every day. If you say I should workout in order to balance my eating habit and my weight, please get me a partner. I tend to skip exercise if im alone, no one to push me to workout. I did workout for like 2days? And then my lazy ass told my brain to just eat n we will workout later. Unfortunately, my brain is so stupid to not make wise decision and believe that. Grrrr!

Some people told me that I am not fat so why I should go on diet and do exercise somemore? Obviously these some people just met me. How can I not be fat when my aunties and uncles and cousins, mistaken me as my big sister? Not to say that she is fat, but she was. Now she has slimmed down a bit. I think a lot actually. Or maybe im the one who put on so much weight. Friends who know me since high school said that I am getting fat. Pfffttttt! But it’s true hehe. Yeah good friends will always tell the truth. Don’t they?

Ok2 I know I am not that fat, not that I suffer from obesity or what. The problem is, all my clothes seems to be shrinking haha. Not comfortable when wearing them anymore. And I could see all the ‘spare tyres’ hanging here and there and and my arms, they are sooo huge! No kidding. I don’t want to be so skinny like Nicole in ANTM13. I am more than satisfied to have firm and a bit tone tummy and arms and hips like erm.. Jessica Alba maybe? But not Madonna please. Hers is scary. Too much of working out and less food make her looks like bones with muscles covered by skin. No flesh at all. Hahaha. Euwww tak selera langsung tgk.

from left: bFF hana, belle, paku, hana 

this picture was taken 3years back i think . 2006 when we were in our 1st yr hehe muke kanak2 lagi sume pon. As you can see, my face is still thin and so as my arms and yess flat tummy! I want this back! and oh, please notice that I have no pimples at all. but that was then.
p/s: peke selebet xleh blah hahahha!

from left: sis sapat, cuz sarah, paku,
front: cuz adib

and this is my now. pic was taken just recently during aidilfitri09. Full-moon-face there I have and the rest of my body you couldnt see its enlargement thanks to my mini kurung. hehe. Thats why I loveee wearing baju kurung. haha!


auww sexayyy rite??! oh oh, Im gonna go do crunch 100times now !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ish !

tak perlu la malukn aku cmtu kot. i've had enough i tell you.

Monday, November 23, 2009

lalat kerinting

seusai iklan McD prosperity burger dikaca tv,

kakak: bestnye la rase nk mkn lg prosperity daging. ngan curly fries. nyum2..
emak: tp masin la curly flies die..
kakak, saya& adik: hahahahahahhahhahaha curly flies !

Friday, November 20, 2009


saya tipu. saya xbgn pagi pagi td. saya xblaja laju-laju juge hari ini. mood xsmpai. huk ah.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

hidup mesti laju ke depan

2012 sangat best! sila lah pergi tengok laju-laju. jangan slow-slow nanti tiket abes. laju-laju tau?
tapi kalau kamu ade paper di esok hari janganlah pergi laju-laju lagi. selepas habis paper baru laju-laju pergi ok? ingat laju-laju ye. oh, sekarang tengah final exam. saya ada satu paper saje lagi iaitu pada hari sabtu nanti. jangan risau, esok saya akan mulakan sesi pembelajaran tanpa henti secara laju-laju. sekarang semua pun kene laju-laju kamu tahu? makan durian pun kena laju-laju. kalau tak nanti habis kawan2 kamu yang makan laju-laju tu habiskn. kesiannn kamu. laju-laju saya mahu pergi beradu supaya esok pagi laju-laju saya boleh mula belajar. PAGI OK PAGI. bukan petang atau malam. pagi disini bermaksud selepas pukul7 sebelum pukul9. semoga saya bangun pagi laju-laju selaju langkah seorang gadis sihat! x0x0~

ha nampak sihat x?

Monday, November 16, 2009

enough really is enough

I've learned you and now i am learning to let you go.

gudluck to me, not to you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

..of mother and daughter

this pic was taken on the 1st day of raya. in green baju kurung, is my beloved and only ummi. fyi, she was standing on a chair coz she barely see herself in that mirror (cute kn?). cermin tu cm tinggi sgt dilekat. thats why she looks very tall and i look super small. ehem. that super small very pwetty cute girl in pink is me ;P .

p/s: i didnt go out with my tudung looked like that.

Monday, November 9, 2009

everything's changing, so as everyone

terpakse tukar template sbb the old one tu dh xleh guna. apsl ntah. so for the time being gune jela yg ni. dh xsmpt nk carik layout baru. luse da nk stat final exam. tahu? ok bgos. oleh itu maafkn ia jike ade cacat sedikit disana sini. imperfection is beautiful. isnt it?

Friday, September 25, 2009

i am grateful for rm2 ;)

hola voila!
i feel like it was just yesterday i started fasting and now we're already in Syawal. 5th of Syawal to be exact. i'm still at home enjoying my raya holidays till tuesday next week. before getting all busy with projects and assigments and projects again. urghh i hate final year. lets forget about that for now i'll get stress out when just think about it. So, raya this year isnt that bad. better indeed. i get to meet cousins i missed the most, delicious food, reunited with family members and the best part, duit raya! yay! i still get duit raya you see. but this might be the last raya that i can get duit raya since i may starts working next year! (only if i get job offer before raya hehe.). so i will be the one who needs to give duit raya la next year. yes little cousins, please be nice to me. haha! the money i got is quite a lot i manage to buy a printer, format my laptop, pay for my journey back to utp and my pocket money until i get my scholarship (maybe some for dinner batch tix if im going to attend the dinner and for a pair of new heels or wedges hehe). still, i was pissed when i opened one of the sampul duit raya and found out there was only rm2 in it. i am like wth??? its not like im being disgraceful or what, but knowing the uncle( my pakcik sepupu) who gave it owns like few branches of batik boutiques, few guesthouses and maybe few others that i'm not aware of, rm2 is wayyyy too little. i can give you back rm5 . and yet he said this to me when he gave the money " ...amekla bleh buat beli eskrem cornetto," . does he know that cornetto cost rm2.80? honestly, i felt insulted to be given that much . it is better not to get anything at all rather than getting rm2. seriously, my sister doesnt own anything except that she is just a contract worker, but she gave more than that. it's acceptable if you earn just enough to make a living, but dear uncle, you earn more more than enough and everyone knows that. shame on you. or is it true that the richer you are, the stingier you get? ade ke word stingier btw? whatever. anyway, i am sooo love this year's raya!
selamat hari raya. maaf zahir batin ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1) fyp
2) fydp
3) HRM project
4) EIS project
5) MS project

5 out of 7 subjects for this sem. gile ke ape?

aku stress ok. sgt stress. aku tahu sume org pon stress same ngan aku jugak. tp sume buat2 rilek bodo je. mls nk lyn kn? aku pon samela. muke bolehla buat2 gelak tp jiwe kacau. tp you mesti xtahu kn? pegi mati sume org!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

selamat hari merdeka ke-52!

i was in my cuz house in damansara during the midnight of 31st august. just lying in front of the tv watching 8tv quickie, no celebration and all. its ramadhan okayy.. and yes the hosts(hunny madu and friends in quickie) did countdown for merdeka. n they have some guest artist, new artist i think. but the most interesting part was one segment which is called "
are you smarter than budak darjah tiga? ". in this segment they went around asking malaysians few questions. the questions were:

1) what is the name of malaysia's flag?
2) how many colours there are on the flag?
3) what is the theme for 2009 celebration?

just that three simple questions. and out of six or seven people were asked, only one people get to answer all the questions right. and the rest, they did not even manage to answer one question correctly. not even the 2nd question. and they are all adults(age range 20-35, i guess) . didnt they learned history in high school? basic sgt kott. bkn tnye tarikh perjanjian pangkor pon. and and i dont read newspaper very often as well but i still know the theme. btw, you can guess it laa. it's the main topic kot nowadays. eventho i dont really get whats the point of 1 malaysia, ?
let me provide the answers too so that to those who doesnt know, please take note. but i hope all my friends do know the answers ( i know you guys knew it already kn? tlg jgn bg malu kwn2 ok ;p)

1) jalur gemilang
2) 4 - red, white, blue, yellow
3) 1 malaysia!

so, if you answer all questions correctly, yes, you are smarter than budak darjah 3! glad i am. haha!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

...dan lagu2 di radio seolah-olah memerli aku

Friday, August 28, 2009

what's wrong with blogspot?
i can't upload long post.
darn it.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gen 2?

boomers, Gen X, Gen Y.

shake your boom2 bon2

Monday, August 10, 2009

bila rasaku ini rasamu.

Aku memang terlanjur mencintaimu
Dan tak pernah ku sesali itu
Seluruh jiwa telah ku serahkan
Menggenggam janji setiaku
Kumohon jangan jadikan semua ini
Alasan kau menyakitiku
Meskipun cintamu tak hanya untukku
tapi cobalah sejenak mengerti
Bila rasaku ini rasamu
Sanggupkah engkau menahan sakitnya
Terkhianati cinta yang kau jaga
Coba bayangkan kembali
Betapa hancurnya hati ini kasih
Semua telah terjadi
aku memang terlanjur mencintaimu....

.....mungkinkah perasaan itu telah tiada rasa?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

kau curi cintaku,, aku curi cinta kau?

hey, i'm back.
finish with the internship and now gearing up for the new semester.
many2 things i've learnt during my internship but i'm not going to talk about it here. not now. sometimes later, maybe.
just wait for it

wait for it....

coz it's gonna be legendarrryy!!! ;P


blame barney stinson-how i met your mother.

perhaps it's just memories that tasted just right. sweet, sour, salty and spicy?

and oh, the title has nothing to do with this post, if you noticed.

p/s: sy kakak final year skang. woot2!!