Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sometimes I eat too much.

Actually, all the times. Haha. Especially when I say I’m on diet. The word “diet” for me means to eat triples my usual meal. I would actually take the diet meal plus the usual meal and also the snacks. For example, my diet menu for breakfast is chicken nuggets or 3in1 cereal drink. But my mom will buy nasi berlauknasi with gulai ikan or aym; nasi kerabu; for herself, but then tell me to eat them because she wants to eat something else. I, being an obedient daughter *ehem* will happily eat the nasik berlauk. Bear in mind here that the food will go into the dustbin if I don’t eat them because there is no one else other than my ummi and me. But after im done gobbling all the food down to my big stomach, I will regret doing so. I should just give the nasik to the kucings. I am so not going to lose weight if I keep on doing this. And that is just for breakfast. The same goes to lunch and tea and dinner and supper. *sighhh*.  I just can’t stop munching. Things are getting worse when im at home as I can get food anytime, there is always something in the cabinet. And my tummy is getting bigger and bigger every day. If you say I should workout in order to balance my eating habit and my weight, please get me a partner. I tend to skip exercise if im alone, no one to push me to workout. I did workout for like 2days? And then my lazy ass told my brain to just eat n we will workout later. Unfortunately, my brain is so stupid to not make wise decision and believe that. Grrrr!

Some people told me that I am not fat so why I should go on diet and do exercise somemore? Obviously these some people just met me. How can I not be fat when my aunties and uncles and cousins, mistaken me as my big sister? Not to say that she is fat, but she was. Now she has slimmed down a bit. I think a lot actually. Or maybe im the one who put on so much weight. Friends who know me since high school said that I am getting fat. Pfffttttt! But it’s true hehe. Yeah good friends will always tell the truth. Don’t they?

Ok2 I know I am not that fat, not that I suffer from obesity or what. The problem is, all my clothes seems to be shrinking haha. Not comfortable when wearing them anymore. And I could see all the ‘spare tyres’ hanging here and there and and my arms, they are sooo huge! No kidding. I don’t want to be so skinny like Nicole in ANTM13. I am more than satisfied to have firm and a bit tone tummy and arms and hips like erm.. Jessica Alba maybe? But not Madonna please. Hers is scary. Too much of working out and less food make her looks like bones with muscles covered by skin. No flesh at all. Hahaha. Euwww tak selera langsung tgk.

from left: bFF hana, belle, paku, hana 

this picture was taken 3years back i think . 2006 when we were in our 1st yr hehe muke kanak2 lagi sume pon. As you can see, my face is still thin and so as my arms and yess flat tummy! I want this back! and oh, please notice that I have no pimples at all. but that was then.
p/s: peke selebet xleh blah hahahha!

from left: sis sapat, cuz sarah, paku,
front: cuz adib

and this is my now. pic was taken just recently during aidilfitri09. Full-moon-face there I have and the rest of my body you couldnt see its enlargement thanks to my mini kurung. hehe. Thats why I loveee wearing baju kurung. haha!


auww sexayyy rite??! oh oh, Im gonna go do crunch 100times now !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ish !

tak perlu la malukn aku cmtu kot. i've had enough i tell you.