Wednesday, September 2, 2009

selamat hari merdeka ke-52!

i was in my cuz house in damansara during the midnight of 31st august. just lying in front of the tv watching 8tv quickie, no celebration and all. its ramadhan okayy.. and yes the hosts(hunny madu and friends in quickie) did countdown for merdeka. n they have some guest artist, new artist i think. but the most interesting part was one segment which is called "
are you smarter than budak darjah tiga? ". in this segment they went around asking malaysians few questions. the questions were:

1) what is the name of malaysia's flag?
2) how many colours there are on the flag?
3) what is the theme for 2009 celebration?

just that three simple questions. and out of six or seven people were asked, only one people get to answer all the questions right. and the rest, they did not even manage to answer one question correctly. not even the 2nd question. and they are all adults(age range 20-35, i guess) . didnt they learned history in high school? basic sgt kott. bkn tnye tarikh perjanjian pangkor pon. and and i dont read newspaper very often as well but i still know the theme. btw, you can guess it laa. it's the main topic kot nowadays. eventho i dont really get whats the point of 1 malaysia, ?
let me provide the answers too so that to those who doesnt know, please take note. but i hope all my friends do know the answers ( i know you guys knew it already kn? tlg jgn bg malu kwn2 ok ;p)

1) jalur gemilang
2) 4 - red, white, blue, yellow
3) 1 malaysia!

so, if you answer all questions correctly, yes, you are smarter than budak darjah 3! glad i am. haha!

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