Friday, September 12, 2008

hey, it's september!
hi september..
do you bring something special for me?
will you?
nahh..dont bother.
just wake me up when september ends...raye weii!!


i missed my super-vogue-best-girlfriend birthday and i totally blame myself for that. oh wait, can i blame my lecturers who gave mountains of assignments and projects?haha. nevermind.. i know it's way toooo00oooo late but still, i wanna post this one.hehe..

happy belated birthday mc au dearie~~~
no words can say
how dear you are
in each and every way,
no words can show
how near you are
in thought and heart each day..

p/s : present nnt u blk la eh.hehe..P.O kt cni ttp dh cr. x0x0~


auniafifah said...

RE: super-vogue-best-girlfriend

aww. i like that part. made me tersengih bangga di pagi buta hahahaha.

thx 4 the bday wish love. wlaupon dh lmbt 32 hari, i ttp syg u tau.

xoxo! :)

ezzah k. said...

yea2 sile bg sy duet raye.xphm2 lg ke?? =P
and oh pls dont mention the daysss..haha..miss u!