Monday, September 15, 2008

saye kembali!!

well..for almost a month which i didnt blog at all (sori lme xupdate,xde mase hehe), many things happened but not so interesting. im not going to write it all now as i dont think i can recall everything back. so, i'll write anything that come across my mind right now..........................erm..see, my brain is empty.adoyai..~

ahha..! i went through an interview with BUREAU VERISTAS in order to do intership with their company. the result is not out yet but i hope i'll not be accepted. dont think that i will enjoy my days doing HSE work for 8months. but the pay is very very very high compared to other company where you can get about 2k per month depending on how many times you go out to sites,etc. menarik kn?? but actually i already got a place in PFK and very happy+excited to go there. i applied for it tau. in fact ramai yg apply tp xsemua dpt. im among the lucky ones. sape xtau, PFK adelah petronas fertilizer kedah. yes it is in kedah. gurun to be exact. and i will only get rm500 per month kt xpe sbb the house rent there is only about rm150 per month and obviously i wont be living alone plus the food is very very cheap too. so, enough la kn klu cmpur ngan skoler lg. but, IF i get a place in BV, maybe i hv to think twice whether to go or not. 2k beb sape xnk??plus, the HQ is at Dayabumi. dok KL rmai kwn, ade life. if kt gurun sah2 la xde life.huhu..tgkla cmne nnt.

next is erm..oh, went to berbuke at Syuen Hotel with housemates. buffet dinner of course and it's very very cheap. only rm19.90 perhead. see, murah i tell you. the food was not bad. sdp2. okla for 20 kn. ade nasi putih,nasi minyak, aym percik kot, daging apetah, kambing apetah jugak, ikan patin msk tempoyak, udang goreng kerutuk, lala msk pedas kot,sayur2an,grilled lamb shoulder,mee kari, bubur lambuk, sume jenis kerabu, salad, abc dan kueh mueh puding-pudingan buah buahan mcm biase la kn. worth it la. rse puas makan sbb dh lame xmkn lauk2 mcm kt rumah kn. kesian x? ktrg xmsk sndri. reasons: malas, xreti nnt xsdp,dapur sume dh rosak, penat xlarat nk msk, bli kt bazar lg sng dan jimat.err..jimat ke?maybe haha..
Enough for now i guess. ngantok sudey. need to sleep so that i wont be missing tomorrow's class at 8.hoho. nyte all!~xOxO


auniafifah said...

buffet kt hotel pon rm19.90 je? jeee? jeles gile ok! cmtu mkn kt hotel hari2 pon xpe kot hahaha. waa nk hotel yg mnyediakan buffet buka puasa juga! :((

ezZah said...

yup2 hanye rm19.90 sahaje.sdp plak bleh g mkn hari2 spt mbeli pakaian di pusat mbeli belah hari.haha.xpe2 aku tlg mkn utk mu jugok hehe..