Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Lets take a look at my workplace. Yes. Now I'm WORKING as a clerk at a very small company in Kota Bharu. So stop asking about my job oke. It's temporary while waiting for my future employer ehem Petronas to call me and offer a position(just call me now and give me that damn job!). So now I'm just helping out my mum's friend. Her clerk just resigned so she asked me to fill in the place which means no more waking up in the afternoon for me. Too bad~

Basically my job is to open the office in the morning and blogwalking the whole day. And of course, camwhoring.

very small isn't it? 

my workstation. bersepah buat invois.

ok xde keje xde orang

makan picnic sambil main fesbuk. double chin noticed!

tekun bace blog orang

my first attempt wearing tudung lilit2 to work. senonoh x? haha

But I seriously think that the office is haunted. The door always make sound like it's being pushed by somebody but obviously there's no other human being in the office except for me. Me ALONE. Perhaps that 'thing' want to befriend me? Accompany me? Please, no thank you.

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