Thursday, July 10, 2008


yaiyaiyai...etp group is out and im just ok with my groupmates.eventho i never talked to some of them but maybe this is the time to get to know them better kn.who knows maybe we can make a good team and invent something wow!, useful and of course gives us more marks.must! hehe.i'll be a good player and a supportive one.hoho.believe me believe.

actually i'm sooo malas to go back to utp and be a student again.pls someone marry me now.haha! especially when u know what awaits you.yes, etp is the major labs, assignments, quizzes, tests, term papers if ade and lectures of course haha.and that means i hv to sleep less.a baby needs atleast 10hr-sleep oke.matila xde kaitan. but no worries, i think i can do this again as i've been surviving for 6sems already.hey, i'll become a 3rd yr student in less than 2weeks! the number 3 makes me feel old.haha.perlu mnjdi lbey matang! kakak senior yg matang dan bergaye?
bergaye bergaye juge.rslt lom kuar will be released on friday 11th at 10am.31hrs more to go.haih.i wish i could check it like right now.i'm eager to know my gpa but at the same time sgtla cuak! tp lg cpt tau lg cpt leh tngkn diri.haih.i hope my pointer will be disaster please esp probstat.kebarangkalian in modmaths was way easier.i mean it when i say easier.everything seems to be so difficult in uni.why la why.back in school i tot addmaths was the hardest and physics was the most confusing one.dh msk uni byk lg engineering maths yg pening dan penat nk kne buat.haish.and physics?mnjdi darah daging yg bcmpur lemak2 tepu,xtepu,baik dan xbaik yakni subjek2 lain yg apabila ditnye secare tbe2 mgkin jua xdpt dijwb dgn yakin dan tepat.jwpn yg tepat hnye boleh didapati di kertas jwpn peperiksaan.but still, i'm going to be malaysia's next top engineer.haha.they(the engineers) hv been saying dat we'll hv better understanding of what we've learned once we enter the work field.lucky enough we hv to go through internship programme for 8months.mine will starts this december.cant wait tp still cuak jgak.huhu.

cuak is the new calm.xoxo

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