Monday, July 14, 2008


i'm superduperhappyyy!!! very grateful to Him for such a gpa is unexpectedly high! suprising.suprising. this is absolutely my best performance ever.very excellent.look, for someone like me who is not likely to attend lectures (except tazli's bcoz he used to call out names and asked questions.mne leh ecsape nnt kantoi!) jrg bt esemen sndri and always go out having fun, it is unbelievable okaay! i bet if ppl know my rslt they'll think the same too.but i managed to keep my tests marks consistent by getting above half in every test.haha.and i did work hard tunggang tebalik during stdy week.smpai tgolek2 bt pasyers together with noly,kechik n pnut.thnx guys.fortunately most of the final questions were very very similar to the pasyers quests which we already did one by one. i guess that helped me a lot.yes ai yem very the last minute person.cant be helped. congrates to my roomies too since she also get very similar pointer w me which differs with only 0.03.n dat is tripple happiness.haha.yeay rumet, we made it!gile xpecaye kn.very lucky us! nexsem nnt hv to start dr awl la kn.haha tp every new sem pn ckp cmtu but nothing changed.grr...tiade kesedaran diri haha.kesedaran diriku bergantung kpd rumetku.jike die tdo, aku akn tegode juge utk tdo dan xpg klas.jike die mnonton muvi, aku juge tidak hingin bkk buku.jike die mule stdy, aku juge akn ikut stdy.kesimpulannye disini, aku tidak suke stdy sorg2 sgtla busan boleh mati krooh2.oleh itu marilah kite blja beramai2 smbil mkn biskut hup seng celup air teh pns2.
majulah aku utk negare! xoxo~

kami rumet yg gelige.haha!

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