Thursday, May 12, 2011

Orang Batu

Hello fish !

First of all sorry for being all emo in my previous post. Excuse my kekurangan sopanness due to bad anger management. Tapi seriously, I don't need a teacher like that. We are all adults, so behave and treat others like one. Sadly you are acting like a caveman, bro.

'Bodoh' is my favourite word now instead of 'b***' ,(better la kan..) thanks to this one Ustaz yang selalu datang to my workplace on weekends. 'Bodoh' is his favourite word too. Kalau tak sebut dalam tazkirah/ceramah dia memang tak sah. Semua orang pun dia bodohkan.

Betul dah if we don't do what Allah ask us to do like pray 5times a day, puasa, tutup aurat, we'll get dosa but instead of using the word 'bodoh' , better if change it to 'tak cerdik' ke, rugi ke, sedap sket den nak dongar eh. Ustaz kot, tak kan benda basic camtuh pun tak tau? Or mulut jenis tak leh nak ubah? Another caveman perhaps. Kesian.. Aku yang dengar pon stress.

Surrounded by cavemanlike-men(?), I shall now transform into a mermaid and swim to my beautiful kingdom beneath the sea. BERTUKAR !

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