Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm not GAY

 Blame me when I refused to go out with guys. 

Not that I'm the goody good girl type but just because I'm not comfortable being alone with just the guy (bear in mind i grew up with just mom and sisters). 
Blame me when I'm so much in love with my girlfriends and boyfriends that I hardly date any guy. 
Blame me for being too choosy because I don't want to break their hearts. 
Blame me for being too cautious to fall in love because I don't want to get hurt in the end. Blame me for being too naive to let go the guy-I-think-I-like-and-being-very-nice-charming-warm-to-me just because my friends don't approve and don't like him. 

Blame me for not being clingy and fight for the one I love just because I don't want her to get hurt and I believe in karma

Blame me when I choose to hang out with my friends rather than go out with the guy I like. 
Blame me when I always bring along a friend to go out with the person I adore just because I need to make sure my friend likes him and can accept him too. 

Blame me when I can't decide what my heart wants.   

Put the blame on me~~ (nyanyi lagu akon..)


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ezzah k. said...

eh sebok lak die kn.
ape yg gudnye?