Saturday, February 27, 2010

damn. He's hot!

I'm sooo in love with RAIN after watching Ninja Assasin, just now. heh. Darn it! why I didnt watch it earlier? Actually I'm not a big fan of Rain before but yeah, Raizo make my heart melt like butter in a hot pan. Haha! Just realized that he is adorably cute ;) . Btw, I dont really fancy his 6-packs-super-hot-body but the hair! Sangat cool especially when it's all wet! *droolsss* arghhh! rase cam nak tengok banyak2 kali ok!

ololololo comel kan?


oh so sexayyy~~

Where's your hairdresser? i like!

This is so not cool. Please put on some clothes to match your 
peace pose.

p/s : It's a must watch action-packed movie. No disappointment guaranteed except that  I dont get enough of Raizo. haha! love u muahh!

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