Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hello twenty-ten.

yeah right. it's already the 2nd day of new year; 2010. My new year begins with a beauty sleep. A good way to start, no?haha. The fact that I am now in KB leaving me with no choice but to sleep while others were celebrating new prosperous, blissful(hopefully) year joyfully. I dont even know if there were some kind of celebration or at least fireworks at 12am, 1st Jan 2010. Is it allowed here(KB) or not? other reason for not celebrating new year is that I dont have that many friends to hang out here. So, most of the time i just chill at home with family.

ok, moving on to my new year's resolutions, there are so much that I want to do but lets just get on with what I need to do this year. and the list goes as below:-

1) to be a better muslim.
2) to finish my degree by the end of may/early june.(this is a must actually)
3) to start working as an engineer by the of the year.
4) to SMILE more. so if you see me smiling at you, just smile back, i'm not crazy.
5) potong level barnbuddy FARHANA KAMARUDIN! this is serious!

I have more, but lets just focus on these top fivesss!

p/s: i wrote this on 2nd jan but it stayed as draft until just now. hehe

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