Tuesday, November 18, 2008

after all, age is just a number rite?

just now i did a quiz in facebook for "when will you get married?" . answered 5-6 easy very easy questions and the result : you will get married in 4years and 1month from now. haha. i will only be 24 by then and i don't think i'll be married at that age. but who knows kn. nowadays it's like a trend to get married at the age of 21 or 22 but what's the rush man? yeah maybe for those who hv been in love like so many years of course la they want to kawen cpt kn and that's good la mghalalkn yg haram. but if i were to marry someone at the age of 21, no thank you. even if i am sooo deeply madly in love with you. if that guy really loves me, he'll wait. let me complete my degree first, and i want to enjoy working life as a single person dlu hehehe.tp xnkla smpai jdik andartu kn. then bru marriage. but yela, after all age is just a number.so, awl ke lmbt xde mslh la kn if you are ready. hopefully there will be someone out there for me! yes you! wait for me tau! and i'll definitely marry you when the time comes! ciss gatal plak rse. sume salah quiz tuh. anywaysss, i'm looking forward for friends' weddings or engagement hehe..jgn lupe invite aku ye bile dh smpai seru tu. xkesahla awl ke lmbt. awl lg bgos la tp so that i bley tnye pade yg berexperiencessss hahaha..x0x0~

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izzyzatt said...

hahha!!sila kawen after aku!!!!!