Thursday, October 9, 2008

few updates

1. it's 9th of Syawal.

2. i'm in utp preparing for many2 presentations to come.

3. my raya was okay. rayaing and enjoying makan2 till 4th raya as i came back to utp on the 5th day. gained weight and now trying to lose some [i hope! :)] like i said before, one of my baju raya xsiap. and the other one is too big but i wore it anyway haha! received quite amount of duet raya.but already used half of them to buy unnecessary things :p.

4. on the way back to utp, fetched a friend from his house to find out that his house(his family's of course) is very2 super huge! and cantek la. maybe should call it mansion not house. gile kagum! cant imagine if i were to live in that size of house. of course la mcm bes gile kn. tp mcm scary la jgak n sunyi gile because my family is not that big in i think i will not live in that size of house.lgpon nnt penat nk bershikn hoho..

5. few raya pics~


auniafifah said...

..waa cantiknye adik manis pkai baju kurung coklat bunga2 merah! uuu! :)

ezZah said...

oh trime kaseh kakak vogue n slim!auwww!!!